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As the importance of data science is increasing every day Open Data Camp provides its clients with the best solutions for all data related issues.

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Open Data Camp is an organization that provides training and technical services to its clients in data science with curated and the experienced talents in the industry.

Panel Interviews

Panel interviews are conducted to our students so that they can face the interview boldly.

Classes & Workshops

Regular classes and workshops will be conducted to explain the importance and to give a better understanding of data science.

Live Product Demo

We have live product demos for our participants for them to get a better understanding of the products.

Featured Talks & Speakers

Here are some of the eminent speakers who will be sharing their experiences and stories.

Traci D. Williams

Open data horror stories

Donnie M. Orner

Open Data for newbies

Joseph H. Guan

Data flow mapping

Eva J. Arnott

Data for trustworthy AI


Here is the complete schedule of the events that will be conducted.

Day 1 – Wednesday, Apr 23


9:00am – 9:30am

Main Hall

How can increasingly resource constrained orgs effectively do open data

By Barbara M. Webb


11:00am – 12:00pm

Room 3

Data for good conference, encouraging the charity sector to make better use of data

By Rita J. Ennis


1:30PM – 2:30pm

Room 2

SME/Private sector open data – why use / release it?

By Irene A. Sessoms

What’s Happening?

Data Sytems in the Motor Trade Industry

Data Sytems in the Motor Trade Industry

The automotive industry is one that is facing a lot of challenges in terms of both the economy and public perception. Growing environmental concerns mean that both consumers and businesses are looking for vehicles that are more environmentally friendly, or perhaps to cut down on the use of vehicles in general.

The rate at which the motor trade industry is evolving is incredible. Today, we have a shift towards hybrid or electric vehicles, and autonomous or self-driving vehicles in some areas. Consumers expect more, and the onus is on the motor companies to deliver it.

Knowing What Your Consumers Want

The companies that are most likely to succeed are the ones who understand the current markets. Analytics has an important role to play, allowing the data that motor trade companies have gathered to shape their plans and to guide their actions, especially for UK motor traders insurance. Until recently, the motors industry was not really interested in analytics or big data. The big companies were confident that they would do what they had always done and that there would always be demand for the vehicles they offered. After all, there has been consistent demand up until now.

The market is changing, though, and the old ways will not support big companies for long. Data systems have a lot to offer in terms of improving every stage of the industry, from supply chain data to predictive analysis, market mapping and analysis and proactive maintenance.

The Value of Data and Analytics

Companies that make use of data systems at the manufacturing stage or even later in the chain stand to save a lot of money. Analytics tools offer powerful insights, but to make use of them you need to know more than just how to apply statistics. Successful analytics employment requires using data from several sources and integrating the knowledge produced within multiple areas of the organisation, including:

  • Supply Chain
  • Procurement
  • Research and development
  • Manufacturing
  • Distribution
  • Marketing
  • Customer Service
  • Aftermarket

Some data systems may be focused on narrow areas, such as product development or research. Then there are cross value chain options, such as predictive quality and consumer behaviour analytics, which can feed numerous parts of the business with insights.

Understanding Your Customer

Customers expect companies to offer personalised experiences today. This is something where some car manufacturers are already offering value in the form of monitoring, service reminders, and tracking via electronic systems but they could still do a lot more, and do things in a way that produces better PR. Service reminders are often seen as nagware, and as a way to milk more money from the motorist. It may be better to offer targeted marketing, invites to test drives, or vouchers and ‘perks’ to users based on their habits. Partnering with third parties, or offering things that would save the user money in a similar way to how supermarkets use their loyalty cards is a good option. The data is out there, the motor trade industry simply needs to find better ways to make use of it.

The Impact of Branded Clothing for OD Camp’s Employees

The Impact of Branded Clothing for OD Camp’s Employees

Open Data (OD) Camp is one of the premier destinations for training and technical services in the field of data science. OD Camp connects its clients with some of the top data science talents in the industry, especially curated for the purpose. OD Camp provides panel interviews, classes and workshops and live product demos, as well as sessions with well-known names in the data science industry. Along the way the OD Camp team motivates the clients, because data science is a complicated field.

What we realised is that once in a while the OD Camp team needs a bit of motivation as well. Over a period of time things can seem monotonous, even if they aren’t and one’s morale can take a beating. At one such juncture we came across the concept of custom workwear. We researched online and found out the benefits of custom workwear and the impact it can have at the workplace. After considerable deliberation and brainstorming we decided to give it a shot. We wanted a semi-casual workwear, something that combines a casual demeanour with a smart and professional look. We looked at few options and finalised polo shirts with an embroidered logo of OD Camp on it from Personalised and Printed.

Once we adopted the custom workwear for our employees, including coders, programmers, the sales team, all of the assistants and more, the feedback has been overwhelmingly positive. Each member of the OD Camp team feels the custom workwear from Personalised and Printed has given them an extra gear. They feel more connected to each other than ever before. Even employees who don’t get to interact with each other on a daily basis — like the coders and salespeople have limited interaction at best — even they feel more connected. The other thing we have noticed is that each employee has started taking greater ownership of the company than ever before. It’s no longer about waking up in the morning and going to a job. Now they feel they are stakeholders in OD Camp, which in turn reflects in the work ethics.

While we decided to go with the polo shirt, Personalised and Printed has an excellent workwear collection which can be customised to suit your requirements. We highly recommend their professional team!

5 Ways to build engaged communities around open data

5 Ways to build engaged communities around open data

Customers are considered as the lifeblood of every business without whom, there will not be any sales and you will not be able to earn any revenue and profits by selling your brand, products and services. Therefore it is your responsibility as a business owner that you engage your customers in the right way so that it will be beneficial for your business on the long run. Thus you will need to know the 5 Ways to build engaged communities around open data so that you will establish relationship with your customers that will strengthen over time. Moreover you will need to plan and design engagement events for your customers so that you will enjoy better customer loyalty and higher conversion rates.

Know what data engagement is?

When setting out in creation of engagement strategy, you will need to build a more transparent, inclusive, interactive and collaborative community that helps you to use new tools and approaches for reaching larger customer base. This can be achieved by increasing the participation of the customers to multi way dialogue rather than being a one way communication. You will be able to get the desired outcome when you stimulate interactive collaboration and dialogue with the cross section of community.

5 ways to build engaged communities around open data includes-  Defining your target audiences- you might have different groups of customers who might use different products and services and for this you will need to build engaged communities around the open data so that you will enjoy maximum benefits with regards to the revenue and profits of your business. you will look for ways of fulfilling their needs and demands with regards to data usage and awareness so that your business objectives is fulfilled.

Use different digital properties- the success of your open data portal will depend on the use of different digital mediums that will help you attract the attention of a large number of customers. They will look at your business websites for searching for any specific products and services and you will need to convert these websites visitors into engaged audiences by promoting your data in the right manner as it will help you capture the interest of your customers.

Make the data available- data might change overtime and you need to stay in the trend by updating the data and letting the customers know about any changes that takes place. This will help you get engaged audiences as customers who will use your new data sets for knowing more about your business so that they will be interested in your business offerings.

Ask for feedbacks and reviews- if you are building engaged communities around open data then you should ask your customers to share their success stories, outcomes and feedbacks so that you will know how your data is working.

Give importance to your customers- let your customers judge how successful has your business data has been for them and you will need to stay ahead with the times so that you can meet the demands and requirements of your customers.

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