Open Data (OD) Camp is one of the premier destinations for training and technical services in the field of data science. OD Camp connects its clients with some of the top data science talents in the industry, especially curated for the purpose. OD Camp provides panel interviews, classes and workshops and live product demos, as well as sessions with well-known names in the data science industry. Along the way the OD Camp team motivates the clients, because data science is a complicated field.

What we realised is that once in a while the OD Camp team needs a bit of motivation as well. Over a period of time things can seem monotonous, even if they aren’t and one’s morale can take a beating. At one such juncture, we came across the concept of custom workwear. We researched online and found out the benefits of custom workwear and the impact it can have at the workplace. After considerable deliberation and brainstorming, we decided to give it a shot. We wanted semi-casual workwear, something that combines a casual demeanour with a smart and professional look. We looked at few options and finalised polo shirts with an embroidered logo of OD Camp.

Once we adopted the custom workwear for our employees, including coders, programmers, the sales team, all of the assistants and more, the feedback has been overwhelmingly positive. Each member of the OD Camp team feels the custom workwear from Personalised and Printed has given them an extra gear. They feel more connected to each other than ever before. Even employees who don’t get to interact with each other on a daily basis — like the coders and salespeople have limited interaction at best — even they feel more connected. The other thing we have noticed is that each employee has started taking greater ownership of the company than ever before. It’s no longer about waking up in the morning and going to a job. Now they feel they are stakeholders in OD Camp, which in turn reflects in the work ethics.

While we decided to go with the polo shirt, Personalised and Printed has an excellent workwear collection which can be customised to suit your requirements. We highly recommend their professional team!